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Hi Mr. Printer, please order a new toner.

Voice-enabled actions are becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives and they just make things much easier.

  • Call dad

  • Remember to buy milk

  • Book a meeting

  • Play that funky music...

Already now many of us are used to work smart at home and this pushes the offices to get smart too.. fast.

Photo by Dan Farrell

For businesses, things will go fast too. The next generation solutions to make online conferences even smarter would be for an employee to walk into a room and say "Connect with the Copenhagen office at 09:30 conference" and then all the systems automatically load up.

Or asking the printer how much toner is left before releasing the print job, or why not order it directly?

For some, this is a dream scenario for others it could be a bit scary, but no matter what it will happen as the user interfaces on many new solutions will be using voice as a critical part of their user experience.

And with solutions from Amazon, Apple and Google we are starting to get a taste of it. The service will allow workers to manage daily operations by using their voice. It also targets to optimize IT requests, conference calls, order supplies for printers, and report building issues.

However, the open office creates some challenges when focusing on voice-enabled actions. To much noise makes it difficult for the computers to respond accordingly.

But what's the purpose of voice enabled action? Save time, to make life easier, to help people work smart or become more efficient.

I believe not only "things" are getting smart they will also become much more intelligent in the office, replacing manual work with automated processes.

One topic is printers. Working with the aim to optimise how printers are managed from procurement to re-cycling with 3manager, we see many areas where we can reduce the time spent on time consuming tasks which can be either fully automated or done with a just a little time effort.

Printers have been around for ages, and the paperless office is not just around the corner. But the whole ecosystem surrounding the printer is packed with manual work that takes a lot of time for many people to manage.


About 3manager:

With many years of experience from the printing industry and IT business, we have created 3manager which is a software tool for managed print services (MPS), designed to reduce time-consuming tasks. Whether it's for print audit, toner management or cost tracking. Information is right at your fingertips to make optimal decisions. 

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