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Unleashing the Full Value of MPS With Data Analytics

By Grad Rosenbaum,

Print was one of the first technology industries to evolve into a fully realized service offering, and the value of Managed Print Services (MPS) is well-known and widespread. For organizations small and large, MPS offers seamless printer fleet management, easy maintenance, supplies delivery, operational cost savings … the list goes on.

Today, we have entered a new era of MPS,

Today, however, we have entered a new era of MPS, one that is data-driven and requires organizations to take advantage of the enormous opportunity in front of them. Mountains of data collected by devices — not just printers — sit dormant. In fact, McKinsey claims that only 1 percent of data collected is ever used, underscoring the fact that there is a substantial disparity between the potential of data and companies’ ability to convert it into value.

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