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Data-driven content = relevant content ?

Content is king and creating trust between customer and provider is the most critical milestone before you can do any business.

Unfortunately, new clients don't know that by default, so it's up to you to build that trust in your communication.

How to do that 🤷🏻‍♂️

The advice all over the internet is to position your self as an expert supported by good content.

The question I ask is what to share, what to promote, what content to create for whom and when?

Infographics, statistics, etc, there are tons of collateral you can use, but without a clear purpose or problem solved, its just noise if you ask me.

No questions asked that marketing and sales need to be working close. However, I believe that marketing needs to be just as close to the "data team" of a company to get the needed insights.

By tracking how a product is being utilized today, you would know which content to produce to move customers from A to B.

In short, you would know which problems they face and what to talk about. The next step is the segmentation of customers to make it relevant for all.

As I see it, your existing data can help you create the relevant content for new leads, onboarding clients as well as governing existing clients.

Thank you for reading

All the best 🙏🏻

Henrik Lundsholm

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