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Supplies management with 3manager

More focus on supplies business

Our goal is to make it easy to understand business progress from a helicopter to detailed view.


It needs to be possible to filter any data / conclusions needed when needed. 


We are happy to present the new supplies dashboard.


Days left + forecasting


We  want to eliminate challenges in supplies logistics on printers with a high toner usage as well printers with a low usage.


Thresholds are just not enough for on-time supplies delivery.


We are happy to announce the ability to work with days left as a part of your supplies orderings.


This will make life easier when planning supplies deliveries.


More features on vendor level 


Instead of having to go to each account and configure supplies reports we are working on making it more flexible on vendor level. 


This release includes supplies ordering on vendor level as well the new supplies dashboard with filter options.

Thanks for all your valuable feedback which are a very important part of our development planning.

Say hello to the supplies dashboard

Stay up to date on toner orderings, replacements, average toner waste and even forecasting.


From now on it's easy to get critical insights about your supplies business from top  to account level. The drill down option makes it easy to quickly spot accounts with a high toner waste including which devices to focus on.


Add any filter, export forecasts, schedule a report, learn which of your customers have a high toner waste and much more.


To sum it up; track your supplies business, keep an eye on competitor devices and easily document toner usage to make sure your business is as profitable as possible.



Everything starts from the supplies dashboard.

Automatic supplies ordering on vendor level

Get your supplies ordering lists daily by email or integration

Choose to get one single file every day including all supplies alerts for all accounts, or get it by group or account level. Simply create your ordering report, choose toner level threshold and map your devices. 


Using toner levels AND days left to secure delivery on time

A toner with 60% left can still run empty within few days. 


Running out of toner doesn't make any customer happy. We solved that by adding "Days left" to the supplies ordering lists. 


Manage high-performance printers more pro-actively as well avoid sending toners to printers staying "low" for many weeks to come.


No need to send a toner 80 days before its needed.

Toner waste is not good for business... or is it?

Who is paying for the leftovers in a toner cartridge replaced with more than 20% left? And which of your customers have a high toner waste level?

Whether you are entitled to invoice extra toner usage, or you are paying for toner waste yourself, you would need to document the toner waste.  That's really easy in 3manager.


We have designed the supplies management tool to keep track of toner level left when replaced on all devices. 


Get the conclusions for all customers, by groups, devices, brands, contracts, account and much more.

How many toner replacements are not managed by you?

The supplies tracking will help you identify potential business opportunities by filtering out devices of interest and highlighting the toner waste and much more.


Conclusions you can use in your sales arguments towards your customers as well in status meetings.


This makes it really easy and time-saving to get the conclusions needed to make any decisions.

As a new thing you can also save filters. Simply create a filter, save it - load it when needed, its easy!

How many toners were replaced last month?

Track by a specific item or by supply type and view all replacements on any printer page in 3manager. This is useful for knowing actual supplies behavior when designing a new MPS or service agreement.


Its perfect for status meetings and audits and key performance tracking. (KPI)

Supplies replacement tracking helps you register when toners and other supplies items were replaced including remaining levels and time stamp.​​

How many toners are needed next week, month or quarter?

Quickly learn about future supplies replacement needs on a high level as well customer level presented online in the supplies dashboard or scheduled as a report.

Using actual behaviour and supply replacements tracking, 3manager will learn about how often a printer needs toner replacements.

Important: Forecasting is a brand new feature which will be analyzing supplies replacements every day. A known issue today is printers reporting "toner low" and "OK" many times per day which can affect the replacement calculations. During September and October, we will be analyzing millions of records and update this feature ongoingly to manage devices with these issues. If you experience abnormal forecast please create a support ticket.

Filters give you the information you need and when you need it. Simply create it, save it or schedule a report.

From now on your personalized views are only a click away.

- Show customers with a toner waste higher than 20%

- Show only managed devices

- Show brand X

- Show only devices on contract

... and many more

Enjoy filters directly in your dashboard or schedule your view as a report and work with Excel (or others) instead.

This feature is perfect for quick updates on your supplies business, new business opportunities, audits and much more. 

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