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Version 2.6 has been released

We are happy to announce the release of version 2.6 which includes the following new features and optimizations:

  • New feature that helps you managing offline and retired devices

  • New report showing which devices are marked as offline

  • Better support for complex counters in the data collector


Device lifecycle management

This feature will help you clean up your fleet automatically and keep an always updated overview of your print devices.It will all be managed in a profile where you can configure when a device is seen as offline, retired and even set it to be automatically un-monitored after a certain time. Find the profile on settings for vendors as well accounts.

All your clients will be using same settings unless they configure the profile differently on their own level. This will secure even better TCO simulations and reports as only devices of interest are included. It will save you a lot of time and will you trim your 3manager data even more.


Report showing offline devices This new report will give you an overview of how many offline devices you have. You can enter a threshold of days and get notified if a device has been offline more than 1 day or more. This feature will help you reacting quick on devices which should not appear offline as well give you the ability to quickly react if devices seem offline in 3manager but shouldn't be. For example, if the customer installed a new server and didn't re-install the data collector or by network changes affecting the ability to scan the devices.


An even better data collector We are improving the data collector by adding support for unlimited multiple OIDs. First, the OID is the "key" we use to get the counters, and some devices have more than one key to calculate a counter. For example, a total B/W counter needs to be the sum of multiple keys, and this is where we improved the support for the data collector. With this feature, we support an unlimited number of oids (keys). This makes the data collector even more flexible.

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