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Version 2.5

We are constantly working on optimizing 3manager and we are happy to announce the release of version 2.5 today.

Newly released features are:

Data collector version available

Information about current data collector version is available in the data collector views including information about the latest available version.

This is really good when troubleshooting your customers as we often see some clients disable the auto-update functionality which then makes it hard to troubleshoot if something is wrong.


Replacement date in "supplies replacement report"

Now its possible to see on which date a toner was replaced in the supplies replacement report. This makes it much easier to document invoicing and do analytic reports regarding supplies consumption.


Computer name added to local printers view. On all print jobs and local printers, we have added the computer name information. This means it's easy to identify where the local printer is installed and even check where it's been installed during its lifetime cycle.


Performance dashboard: All history loaded We have imported all your historical data, and you will now be able to follow your progress the last 3 months to 3 years. You can use the Performance dashboard to understand business progress of yourself, sub-partners and end customers. Examples: are you increasing or decreasing in numbers devices or pages printed, or which of your accounts seems to be increasing the most? The Performance dashboard will bring you the conclusions and trends in one simple view.


Other: Besides the above mentioned we have been working on optimizing data collection for HP and Canon devices, fixed many bugs and made general optimizations. Thanks for your time and interest in reading about version 2.5. We are very happy with all the feedback and good suggestions for new features and optimization.

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