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Using Zendesk and 3manager for print management

The problem with having lots of data is finding the time to process it and channel to the right persons. That's exactly what we solve for Zendesk users when using 3manager as a print management tool.

If you are new to 3manager, the tool can be described as a print management software helping keeping track of your printers (numbers, pages printed, paper jams, toners out etc) as well your financial obligations. (Contracts, potential savings, profit / loss and much more.) by automatic tracking your print behaviour and notify you when focus is needed )

Now, back to the Zendesk integration.

Imagine you have hundreds of printers which are managed by different vendors with different contact information, and maybe you have devices with no service agreement at all managed internally by IT.

In short, different people to contact for different printers and problems.

Zendesk offers automation which makes it very simple to make sure that the right notifications is pushed to the right person.

For example, let's say you have a mixed environment of printers including HP, Epson, Xerox and Canon, just to name a few.

You want HP supplies alerts to go to your procurement department, or maybe directly to your vendor, Xerox to another provider and the paper jams should go to your internal tech-guy.

However, what about if costs increase or service contracts are close to termination notice? Or if a device seems to be over utilised and will wear out quicker than supposed? Then someone from procurement or IT needs to be notified or someone from administration, because we need to stop the money loss.

Then we have the whole buying needs challenge. What do we got and what do we need?

Our experience with Zendesk is that alerts/reports are sent to groups of interest. For example:

  • Technical alerts

  • Financial alerts

  • Procurement alerts

  • Management

Example of just 2 alerts which can be pushed to Zendesk: (There are much more)

There are many people affected by print management, not only tech-guys:

  • Everyday users of printers

  • CFO´s

  • Technicians

  • Suppliers

  • Procurement

  • Sales consultants

  • Management for profit / loss

Zendesk makes it possible validate the notifications and reports sent so they are delivered to the right person of interest.


Have you experienced the case where the printer has an error but won't admit it ?

It could be a big fat stribe when printing or it simply doesn't work but still the display says "I'm ok"

The Zendesk integration for print management makes it possible for combining the automatic notifications with manual ticket creation directly from the printer view in 3manager.

This is very useful for other users that wants to submit a ticket, as they can see someone already did.

This will ensure, regardless if you are a small or enterprise company, that you are on top of things and problems are solved before they get too expensive by using automation and well tested technology to manage your printers.

We have Zendesk users using 3manager in-house for keeping printers under control as well resellers using Zendesk and 3manager to make sure that their clients has a lean and optimal print operation from a-z.

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