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How to use data for business navigation?

The topic in this blog is how to use data for business navigation and how to make it work for you.

Print management software solutions all have a common thing. They produce loads of data and the more data you have the more time demanding it will be to assess and in the end, understanding as well using the data for business.

Within our own print management software we get millions of records every day which all tells small stories which used correctly, can help consultants with print audits, CFO´s understand their economic trend even better and much much more. The big question is just "How to do that"?

People are different and if you show a large Excel spreadsheet to 5 different people you will get 5 different views based on 5 different ways of looking at data.

The issue here is that 5 people just used a lot of time on crunching data, and based on skill level, the result hereof might vary a lot. Which is most correct? That would take even more time for the person validating the results.

What if the same 5 people got an information that 20% of all printers were over utilized and had 1 year in average in end-of-life with the current load? Then the time would be spent on finding solutions to optimize the situation, whether it's a relocation of the device or perhaps replace it with a newer technology.

Let's take that example a level op. What if we could provide the information that 20% of all devices were over utilized AND there was a potential saving of 35% by replacing with new technology?

By using data correctly you can have it working for you every hour of the day, and when your focus is needed, you will know where to look and why. It makes you constantly updated with just a glance and the ability to navigate where business opportunities are present is just a mouse click away.

Want to know more about how 3manager can optimize the use of your own data for print management or sales management contact our team at

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