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Expense management for office printers

The more office printers you have the more complex and time consuming it gets to stay on track. Thats a fact for end-users as well vendors of any solution for managed print services / MPS.

Imagine hundreds of printers, contracts, termination notice, contact persons and tasks to be done.

The challenge with office printers are that they generate a lot of data which needs to be processed in order to know current costs, volumes etc.

There is simply not enough time internally to process all that data.

Using software to manage contracts in combination with printer management tools such as 3manager will automate time demanding tasks so its easier to stay on track regarding current costs and comparisons in order to understand if costs are increasing or not.

By combining office printer management tools and contract management tools you get a synergy effect saving a lot of time when regarding analysing data, calculating costs and staying updated.

With 3manager we help many clients around the world managing office printer expenses using the contract management functionality.

This helps reducing time when focusing on:

  • Printer audits

  • Expense audits

  • Procurement needs analytics

  • Status meetings

Just to mention a few.

What happens if contracts are not terminated in good time?

Depending on the terms and conditions you might risk a new 12 months pro-longing. We recommend highly to make sure that people are notified in good time so termination happens correctly.

Would you like to test 3manager office printer management including contract management? Feel free to use the free trial.

If you would like an online presentation (25 minutes) you can also book one of our consultants who can show you online how office printers can be managed with 3manager office printer contract management.

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