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Collect printer data with a Raspberry Pi

Making deployment as easy as plug and play with 3manager and Raspberry Pi.

As offices without servers are getting more common it can be difficult to find a computer where its possible to install the printer data collector. In the old days, there was plenty of capacity and CPU available.

Today you either need to set up a computer for this (Expensive) or you need to disturb with software not meant to be running on their computers.

So from a hardware & license procurement as well time perspective it can quickly become expensive to get started with data collection for your managed print services or internal audits.

To avoid unnecessary costs we have redesigned our data collector to support Raspberry Pi. This means that you can get started for a very low cost.

One Raspberry Pi can manage hundreds of printers or multifunctional devices with ease. This makes Raspberry Pi a logic choice when installing the data collector.

By deploying the 3manager data collector on a number of Pi´s upfront it is very easy to get started with data collection. Simply ship the Pi to the client and let their IT guy connect it to the wifi and you are up and running.

The data collector will automatically download the need configurations and start searching for printers and collector counters, toner levels and all the data needed in order to manage printers.

We will keep updating our Raspberry Pi support making it easier to manage not only 3manager data collectors but also your devices in the future.

Want to know more about how to get started? Click here:

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