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August release notes

We have been working on bug crunching, optimizing current features as well introduce some new features.

Please find below the release notes from August 2017.

Best regards,

The 3manager team


Ability to auto map devices to supplies ordering lists

Define a filter for your supplies report, and all devices will automatically be mapped to that report. With that said, you still have the ability to add devices manually off course. Devices will automatically be mapped and unmapped according to the provided filter.


Ability to specifically choose supplies items for supplies ordering

We have added a new tab called "Specific" in the supplies ordering. Here you can choose which supplies items you need for ordering.


Ability to edit printer name / host name in 3manager.

If you would like a different name in 3manager, simply click the printer name and the little edit icon and type the given name. It will appear on all reports and views where the name is shown. To go back to default simply delete the name.


Ability to filter by city

Want to filter devices by a city? No problem, we added the city in the active filter menu so its easy to get a quick overview of devices located in city x, y and z.


Track the day when installation instructions

were sent

In the SNMP data collector configuration you can now check the last time the installation guide was sent. This is good to have in case you are in doubt if the client ever received the guide.

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