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Managed Print Services (MPS, Print management software)

Many print analyses conclude that organizations spend 1-3 % of their revenue on print-related expenses.
Office printers, supplies and contracts need ongoing management in order to stay optimal.
3manager software is designed to help with cost and procurement management of office printers.

Why managed print services?

When should printers be replaced with new technology and how will this impact the total cost of ownership? Whats the buying needs?


To answer these critical questions you need a management tool with ongoing tracking and analytics. 



Introduction to managed print services

Organizations often suspect that printing costs are too high, however, the realistic picture of the true cost of ownership is often underestimated with quite a difference.


The gap between the perception of printing costs and actual costs is directly linked to the print tracking, overview as well business processes.


Managed print services (MPS) is not just about cost savings. This is just the first step out of many ensuring a lean and profitable print business. An ongoing management will help optimize:


  • Time spent on print IT

  • Supplies ordering / management

  • Costs analytics

  • Security

  • Print fleet optimization (consolidation and volume reduction)

  • Standardization

  • Automation (meter reading, toner ordering, printer alerts and much more)


Managed print services are just as important as anti-virus systems, as it will help securing a lean, profitable business.


Use data for better print management

Printers produce data every day which can be used to learn about print behaviour, buying need and costs.
3manager is specialized in taking all data and build conclusive dashboards giving you the ability to make even better decisions regarding your print management.
In short, everything you need to make a well analyzed and safe print management decision
Whether you are offering managed print services or you want to perform print management in your own company, you need to track print data every day!

With 3manager you have the ability to track:

  • Utilization of current fleet of printers and multifunctional devices (MFD´s)

  • Budget planning using end-of-life calculations

  • Proactive notifications

  • True cost of ownership (actual costs and contract obligations)

  • Buying need vs hardware situation

  • timeline perspective for procurement

Managed print services is a very wide term used for "all you need to manage your printers", so we divide it into the following categories:​

  • Fleet management: (tracking number of devices and organizational mappings)

  • Supplies management: ( automatic toner and supplies ordering ) to secure just in time delivery

  • Reporting: ( automatic meter reading and pages printed tracking and other analytical reports)

  • Cost management: ( Lease and service contract management, cost tracking and organizational mappings)

  • Simulations: ( Ability to simulate where you can update printers and how it will affect the total cost of ownership.

3manager offers the tools to administrate the managed print services whether it's used for total management, or even as a pre-sales tool or post sales. 3manager is designed to keep you in the loop of your printers, so decisions are always based on updated and relevant data. 



A toolbox designed to simplify managed print services
Device tracking
Discover and manage network/USB devices regardless of manufacturer brand.
Performance tracking
Follow business progress and understand history and trends from top to down level.
Supplies management
Just-in-time delivery using automatic supplies ordering. Track supplies left when replaced and much more.
Automatic meter reading reports, CO2 tracking, pages printed and much more by e-mail or export.
Cost analytics
Track true cost of ownership with contract/cost management, new business  simulation and cost tracking.
Business opportunities
Identify business opportunities for you and your partners and grow your business.

3manager offers varius integrations and besides the flexible export options you can work directly with the following applications. 

Push alerts directly to Zendesk or create manually when needed. See ticket status on all devices.
Use 3manager print data in your Evatic solution to manage supplies orderings. 
Send data from @Remote and use with 3manager business manage-ment features.
Push 3manager counter data to Artis for customer invoicing. 
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