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The smart office

How to save time and do more at the same time

What's a smart office ?

Times are changing. Today, people are more agile and connected than before. Success will come to those who embrace, understand and adopt new technology. Needs are no longer the same and what used to be the most optimal way of working then, is time demanding and inefficient now. 


That’s the whole idea with a Smart Office - to use insights in combination with innovative thinking and new technology to support and release the full potential of the workforce. 

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It's a culture thing just as much as a technology thing. 
Working with a smart office should not only benefit internally but also make it easier for vendors to make sure services are always up-to-date and competitive.
For example, using dashboards to to show how things are going with printers makes it easy to get up to speed.  Quickly understand the current situation and which way you are heading in just a few seconds. 
How much time would be needed to calculate that manually?
Working with conclusions and not just data
Its time demanding to know how green the office really is. Many parameters needs to be in place, but if all vendors covered their share, it would be a lot easier to find out instead of having to calculate all manually. 
Why not utilise the fact that the vendor already have that data.
For example in 3manager you have access to a green profile estimating how your printing behaviour affects the environment including estimated savings if devices are shut down at night. 
And the cool part is that its 100% automated as the data is also used to calculate pages printed for billing.

Fact-based insights

Suppose your employees aren’t using these printers enough. Your dashboard shows low occupancy per printer at the office. At the same time, your employees complain about another printer causing many paper jams.


This unbalance can be automatically detected and the vendor would easily be able to identify where to optimize if using smart monitoring tools.


Based on the same insights your next procurement will be defined by data showing actual behavior and utilization of your printers. 




A Smart Office always has its starting point in a strategy, vision, and objectives. 


Based on this you design and build your smart office. However, a Smart Office is not only a design, it is also a continuous journey which lasts over the whole workplace lifecycle. A journey that needs attention in order to secure attraction, productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.



At 3manager we can help to make printer management smart between your office and your vendor. Its an area that needs to be managed as costs can run out of control fast and its time demanding to analyze manually.  


Would you like to more about how 3manager software can help to automate time demanding tasks when it comes to printers, feel free to try out the free trial or book a meeting with one of our consultants

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