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Estimate your savings before buying new laser printers for the office

If you are about to buy new laser printers for the office, it's important to have an accurate overview of current costs as well as new costs. 


In 3manager we made it very easy to manage your printers from a financial point of view and one of the benefits is the fast way of estimating new costs and savings. 


Importance of taking control of your printing costs


The costs of printing, whether it’s the price of the page or the maintenance and support of your printer, can increase without you noticing before its too late.


The more printers you have, the more time demanding it will be to create that overview showing your true printer costs and buying needs. 


You can automate a lot of the work and pay attention only when it's needed


3manager is designed to reduce time-consuming tasks when it comes to collecting data and making the needed analysis.


If you focus on the important things such as the printer contracts (lease, service, MPS etc) 3manager will help you with the rest. 


If you want to outsource this task we can also help with that with our worldwide partner program. 


How does it work?


First, you need to install the printer data collector to understand your current usage and needs.


This printer data collector will collect information about the number of pages printed but nothing personal at all.


The earlier you install the data collector the more data and accuracy you will have.  It's recommended having minimum 1 month of data before making any conclusions about needs. 



Second, if you have a current printer service or lease agreement, you also have a price per page printed or other fees. This you enter in 3manager in a few steps.  


You are now ready to understand your current costs and receive recommendations about future needs. 




Do you have a proposal for new laser office printers?


Simply add the pricing from your proposal and click "Simulate" and 3manager will simulate the future costs and savings. 



Would you like to know more? Feel free to use our free trial below or get introduced online to 3manager. 

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