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Designed to make life easier for office printer sales

Use data-driven tools to save time, boost efficiency and target business opportunities better.
Spend your time on qualified business leads by working with printer data in a new way. 
Get an instant overview of your printers
Filter out the noise and focus on relevant cases
Quickly filter out any device of interest, whether its end-of-life, over utilised, older or high toner waste. 
Save the filters as scheduled reports and get leads directly in your inbox or download on demand.
Create unlimited and personalised filters giving you an instant overview of your opportunities.
With this feature, you will always know exactly where your business opportunities are
Quickly get an overview of office printe
TCO simulation in less than 10 seconds

With a click you get a report showing the current costs compared with the future costs including estimated savings for your clients. 

The report is Excel-based which makes it fast and easy to finalize the business case and document savings and new costs. 

Stay on track and react quickly when attention is needed. 
Say hello to the Print Summary report which will save you a lot of time :-)
Learn more about the report here
Features overview
Access to extra filters
The sales modules add more options to the filters you already have from the Essentials module. End-of-life, utilisation, mapped to contracts and other sales related filters are available.
TCO simulation
Simulate potential savings by replacing existing printers with new models. Use different scenarios such as lease contracts, cash procurement and different contract lengths to find the best case scenario. The TCO simulation will help you understand potential business potential on your account.
Get recommendations on replacements. Use the default recommendations or enter your own including models and pricing.
The opportunity dashboard
Get an overview from a bird's eye view or detailed per customer. The opportunity dashboard is your guide to quickly identify business opportunities. 
E-mail alerts
Get notified by email if a device is utilised with more than accepted, is end-of-life in a near future or if a new device has been discovered. 
The Print Summary report
Get all the overviews from 3manager presented in an Excel report ready to be presented. Save time and trouble with this report. Great for audits and status meetings. Learn more
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