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Take your office printer management to the next level with contract management, cost tracking, benchmarking options and alert notifications if costs are increasing

Stay on track
Understand, manage and track costs in a time-saving way making cost overview just a click away.
Features overview
Contract management
Manage all-in, lease, service or cash contracts in 3manager with ease. Whether it's for ongoing cost management or audits, 3manager will make life easier when it comes to printer costs management.
Total cost of ownership
Understand your print operation fast. Is it getting better or worse? The TCO report will help you understand your current costs including a comparison with any desired period. Now you can document your savings with a few clicks or schedule as a report.
Service cost tracking
In the pages printed reports or online view service costs will be calculated on all printers if they are mapped to a contract. It's easy to track progress and actual costs. 
Financial alerts
Be notified by e-mail if costs are increasing or if a contract is not utilised in a satisfactory way. This will make it possible to react much faster and before things run out of control. 
Billing report
The billing report is the detailed documentation you can add to an invoice explaining and documenting the numbers behind the invoice. Great for cost documentation and tracking.
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