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Tracking downtime and events

Understand the performance of your office printers and MFDs with downtime tracking and analytics.


Get insights fast

Get updated fast on how a printer is performing.


Need more documentation? Click the event log and check all the logs for the last 30, 90 or 365 days. 

Get an overview of all devices with critical errors


If you need a report on all printers and MFD´s create a report included devices of interest. For example, contracted devices or managed devices. 


It's easy to create an overview of the segment of devices you need. 


Schedule as a report to make life even easier. 

Features overview
Device event report
Filter the printers of interest and export all critical events registered to Excel on the entire account. Quickly remove irrelevant alerts and notifications and document actual downtime for your SLA and status meetings. 
Export on demand or schedule as an email report.
The event log
Quickly learn about critical events in the device journal, showing number of critical events, warnings and notifications. 
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