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Grow Your MPS Business With Data-Driven Analytics and Automation

Multi-brand Printer Fleet Management

3manager Data collector for Windows
3manager Data collector for Mac
3manager Data collector for Linux
3manager Data collector for Raspbery Pi


Manage Your Printers, Audits and Expenses Smarter With 3manager

3manager is designed to make life easier when it comes to office printer management. Trusted by +11.000 companies worldwide.

3manager Functionality in Highlights
Supplies Management
Reporting, Audits &
Contract + Cost
Sales IQ + Automation
Have a look inside
The summary dashboard is an excellent example of how fast you can get an overview of your office printers. 
  • How well are printers utilised?
  • Whats our trends in printer cost and CO2?
  • Do we have any printer lease contracts up for termination?
And the best part the data is up-to-date and you have online access around the clock.
How green are you?
Track power consumption and visualize how office printers affect the environment in a fast and simple way
Get an instant overview of your current printing behavior including estimated kWh consumption and CO2 emissions.
The graphs make it easy to understand if you are heading in the desired direction or not.  
It's perfect for documenting the results of your efforts in becoming a more green office.
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