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The smart office, drones and pyjamas

The fact that more people are working remotely now than ever before in history is by far the biggest change brought about by the advent of digital technology.

Computers, smartphones, video chat services and countless other digital developments have made it possible for us to work from the comfort of our living room sofas, with many workers finishing a day's work without ever getting out of their pyjamas.

One studies have found that at least 70% of the worldwide population works remotely at least once a week, a figure that only ten years ago was puzzling but currently appears strangely low.

Photo by Dose Media

The need to be at the office to get up-to-date is not longer needed. If you have a smart phone or access to the Internet then you are all good, however we do recommend to change the pyjamas if you are heading out for a meeting.

You've probably heard of drones that can deliver packages for huge companies like Amazon, and for hungry customers you may even have found autonomous vehicles packed with pizzas. Nevertheless, today's drone technology is still in its infancy, and the ongoing development of powerful drones will soon see in-office delivery such as toners for office printers, paper and much more on an unprecedented scale.

To deliver such trivial things as coffee to tired employees, drones are likely to be seen casually strolling into offices sooner rather than later.

At least, according to IBM inventors, drones may soon become so effective in delivering small, fragile objects such as coffee cups that they may soon be overhead as we carry out our daily responsibilities.

While many people are more concerned about the types of robots and programs that might end up replacing them, when it comes to the unceasing advance of smart machines, the future is not completely bleak.

Thanks to advances in aerospace technology, ML algorithms, and drone developers ' expertise, the modern office space will soon be filled with as many digital workers as human.

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